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Pictures - a constant source of pleasure, good mood and the best medicine for depression

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Art gallery "Cats, flowers and..." is based in 2006 by private persons on purpose to acquaint all fans of painting, cats and flowers with Sergeeva Irin's works. Having received the higher art education, she all life studies at children and artists-primitives in direct expression of feelings and emotions. Not casually, its favourite style in painting - naivety. Sergeeva Irin (SIrin) meaningly aspires to creation of the pictures filled with energy of good, pleasure and easy grief.

Any picture - a window in other measurements. And you wish to get to what world - to solve to you. The most simple and fast way to transform standard dwelling in multidimensional, sometimes magic space to make its unique - to order a picture, conformable your soul.

Look, as expensive author's interior becomes many times more interesting, if in it there is "a simple" picture:

The basic directions of creativity are presented by following "halls":

CATS (and also kitties and kittens)


ANIMALS-PATRONS (east, etc. horoscopes)

the CHILDREN'S ROOM (fairies, gnomes, bears etc.)




Many of the presented products are in private collections and collections, others are the property of the author (the question on acquisition can be considered).

Also gallery SIRIN-ART creates pictures under the individual order including for the concrete person, a family, an interior.


She was born in a year of the Cat. Having received in patrons of the Cat, it many years did not understand and was engaged in searches of the mission in arts and crafts sphere (glass and ceramics). And only when the higher Forces have sent innumerable set of cats and cats to its house, S.Irina has understood that it is Destiny.

Now it directs the creative activity on gallery expansion "Cats, flowers and..." In St.-Petersburg, dreaming of General Kotolizatsii of all countries and the people under the slogan "Cat-lovers of all countries - incorporate!" If you have interesting reasons, a good advice or amusing materials from cats-your life, write, please, to sirinart@yandex.ru


If you wish to leave wishes, offers and responses about our web gallery or simply to communicate on related topics click here: to Pass in the guest book

If you need to contact S.Irina on private questions or concerning the order/acquisition of works, we ask to address on an e-mail: sirinart@yandex.ru


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